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The transport of persons for a fee is an activity regulated by decrees published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.
PREMIUM DRIVERS is a carrier for hire of Transport Vehicle with Driver (VTC) offering a personalized passenger transport service subject to the provisions of Articles L. 231-1 to L. 231-4 of the Tourism Code and Decree No. 85 -891 of August 16, 1985.
PREMIUM DRIVERS uses a network of independent drivers to carry out the races and the execution of the transport services is placed under the sole responsibility of the drivers of the vehicles. Drivers are holders of the corresponding capacity certificate and have the qualification and insurance necessary for the exercise of this activity. Vehicles and authorized personnel are controlled by the Hauts de Seine Prefecture (92) and the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development to provide this service.
For the moment, the company is not able to offer a service with specific vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility.


Legal status of PREMIUM DRIVERS:


SARL Unipersonnel (EURL) To the capital of : 5000,00 euros The head office : 141 avenue Jean Jaurès, 92140 Clamart ID number : 822 234 944 RCS Nanterre Siret : 822 234 944 00012 VAT N ° : FR 82 822234944 Code activité : 4932Z – Voiture de tourisme avec chauffeurs Nationality : France Professional RC and Passenger Transport Insurance against payment with the MFA, 6 bis rue Fournier, 92110 Clichy, N ° 425711


Contacts :


PREMIUM DRIVERS 141 avenue Jean Jaurès – 92140 CLAMART Téléphone : +33 (0)6 14 86 36 48 email address:


Article 1 – Objet


These general conditions of sale are intended to govern, without restriction or reservation, the use of the website and any purchase of transport and service offered by PREMIUM DRIVERS. The main features of the transport and service offered are presented on the website The Customer is required to read it before placing an order. The choice and the purchase of a service of transport and / or service are the sole responsibility of the Customer.
The purchase of transport services from PREMIUM DRIVERS therefore implies the Client's full agreement with these general conditions of sale and the unreserved acceptance of all the provisions stated therein.
These general conditions of sale are accessible at any time on the website and will prevail, if necessary, on any other version or contradictory document.
Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded in PREMIUM DRIVERS 'computer system constitutes proof of all transactions concluded with the Customer.
The present general conditions of sale being able to be the subject of modifications later, the version applicable to the purchase of Service by the Customer is that in force on the website on the date of the reservation.


Article 2 – Definitions


The term "Customer" refers to any person who has booked a transport service with PREMIUM DRIVERS. The term "Benefit" means any purchase of transport or travel services from PREMIUM DRIVERS. The term "Transfer" means any takeover of a Customer by PREMIUM DRIVERS from point A to point B on the occasion of a transport. The term "Provision" means any support of a Client by PREMIUM DRIVERS for a given time of care taken at a specified end time determined during a transport, an event or of an excursion. During this time, the vehicle remains at the disposal of the Customer with a mileage defined in advance.


Article 3 – Reservation


Any request for reservation is made online on the website and can be made up to 2 hours before the start of the service.
No reservation request by phone or e-mail will be accepted by PREMIUM DRIVERS, unless explicitly agreed by PREMIUM DRIVERS.
An e-mail or SMS acknowledging receipt of the reservation request is then sent to the Customer.
PREMIUM DRIVERS then sends the Customer, as soon as possible, an estimate showing the characteristics of the booking request, by e-mail or by SMS.
The reservation is confirmed after the validation by the Customer of the quote sent by PREMIUM DRIVERS.
The payment of the Service must be made before departure, by car, by means of a bank card (Visa or Mastercard), a payment by check or in cash.
Any reservation request for a "Provision", "Event" or "Excursion" service (excluding "Transfers") will be the subject of a written estimate and may not under any circumstances be encrypted via the website
In the context of the "Making available", "Event" and "Excursions" transport, the payment of a deposit of 50% of the amount of the order is required at the time of the reservation request.
The Customer makes his deposit payment by bank transfer, money order, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), by check or in cash.


Article 4 – Information to be provided by the Customer


The Customer is responsible for all information provided during the booking request on the website, namely:
– the information related to the progress of the Service (addresses of pick-up and drop-off, convocation hours, number of passengers, possible intermediate stages, terminal, take-off and landing hours in case of pick-up at the airport, departure and arrival times in case of pick-up at an SNCF station etc ...),
– Customer information: last name and first name of the Customer, mobile phone number active in France and to reach the Customer at any time from the booking request.
The Customer must inform PREMIUM DRIVERS of any particularities related to the smooth running of the Service, in particular:
– baggage with exceptional dimensions or large volumes, it being specified that they remain under the care and responsibility of the persons transported,
– the need for child / baby seat, specific newspaper, tablet, wifi, phone ...
– a particular request on a care.
This information must be specified online during the booking request.


Article 5 – Price / Supplements


The basic rates are displayed in Euros on the first page of the website
They correspond to Transfers made at the departure or arrival of the cities of Clamart, Vanves, Malakoff, Montrouge and Issy Les Moulineaux (92) and must be verified by the Customer at the time of the reservation request.
For any transfer request outside Clamart, Vanves, Malakoff, Montrouge and Issy Les Moulineaux (92), a price calculator is available on the "Reservations & Quote" tab of the website. This calculator allows the Customer, prior to booking, to know the price of the requested Transfer Service.
These rates are firm and non-revisable during their period of validity, as indicated on the website, PREMIUM DRIVERS reserving the right, however, beyond this period of validity, to modify them at any time.
They are inclusive of all taxes, without any supplement for the standard luggage (suitcases) nor for the provision of the offered services (water, newspapers of the day, wifi, tablets, adapted seats).
Each passenger has a luggage "trunk" and a luggage "car" if the number of passengers does not exceed three (3) people. Any other baggage or bulky items (bicycles, skis, golf bags, etc.) will be subject to a supplement defined on a case by case basis.
Only animals transported in a cage are accepted on board PREMIUM DRIVERS vehicles. It is the Customer's responsibility to inform the booking department as soon as it is ordered. The transport of animals in cages is invoiced on the basis of the tariff per person for the given Transfer. Some pets are not accepted by car. Veterinary documents can be requested by the drivers.
The price offered during the booking request includes:
– the transfer with the provision of a clean and working vehicle with driver,
– the services offered (water, newspapers of the day)
– the cost of the driver's professional insurance for persons transported for a fee.


Article 6 – Cancellation guarantee


When booking his transport, the Customer has the option to subscribe to the cancellation guarantee for all passengers of the vehicle.


6.1 For "Transfers", the cost of the cancellation guarantee is 15 euros. It can be implemented by the Customer up to 2 hours before the scheduled pick-up time. In this case, the Customer will be fully reimbursed within two weeks of the amount of his order. With the exception of the amount paid under the cancellation guarantee which remains with PREMIUM DRIVERS.


6.2 For "Delivery", "Events" and "Excursions" (excluding "Transfers"), the cost of the cancellation guarantee is 20% of the 50% down payment. % paid to the order.


This guarantee is implemented by the Customer under the following conditions:
– in the event of cancellation up to 72 hours before the beginning of the Service, whatever the reason, the balance of the Service will not be invoiced to the Customer; PREMIUM DRIVERS then keeps the 50% deposit paid on the order,
– In case of cancellation within 72 hours before the beginning of the Service, whatever the reason, the balance of the Service will be billed to the Customer.


Article 7 – Payment


Full payment of the Service is required at the time of the Client's assumption of "Transfers".
The Customer proceeds to the payment of the Service by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), by check or in cash, directly by car.
In case of ordering a Transfer "return", the payment will be made at once, no later than the day of transport "out".
In case of ordering a "Delivery", "Event" or "Excursion" transport, the payment of the balance of the Service by the Customer takes place at the latest on the day of the Service.


Article 8 – Description of service


The service consists of a transport service of the Customer having reserved on the website from the point of care defined during the reservation request, to the point of removal.
This service is provided by a PEUGEOT 508 HYBRID4 2.0 E-HDI163 FAP FÉLINE BMP6. PREMIUM DRIVERS reserves the right to replace this vehicle with others of equivalent or superior quality if necessary, without additional cost for the Customer and without this giving rise to compensation for the benefit of the Customer.
Customers who purchased a Service through a single reservation will be transported in the same car if it can accommodate all.
The Customer is informed that the reservation system takes into account times which are based on a daily observation of the circulating flows on the Parisian agglomeration. However, the difficulties of circulation beyond the control of PREMIUM DRIVERS can modify the expected transport times.
In the event that the Customer considers that the pickup time recommended by PREMIUM DRIVERS is too early, the latter must make it known by writing to the following e-mail address: or by SMS to 06 14 86 36 48 to study the possibility of modifying the time of taking charge.
In this case, PREMIUM DRIVERS declines any responsibility in the event of delay or missing of plane or train.


Article 9 – Customer Support by PREMIUM DRIVERS


The day before the departure, the Customer receives an e-mail or a sms containing the hour of taking charge of the Customer.
The Customer agrees to be reachable at any time on the mobile phone indicated during the booking request from the day before his departure. For business customers in account, the Customer agrees to sign a transfer sheet by first adding the word "Read and approved", summarizing the day and the actual hours as well as the addresses of support and deposit.
The Customer must present himself at the meeting point at the pick-up time defined during his reservation request and confirmed the day before by PREMIUM DRIVERS. The meeting point is the pick-up address specified during the booking request.
The Customer is informed that the drivers do not wait more than 20 minutes at the meeting point.
As soon as he arrives, the driver will contact the Customer by telephone to inform him of his presence. Provided with a sign to the name and surname of the Customer, the driver will wait for the Customer to the descent of the plane or the train.
The Customer agrees as soon as he is aware of a delay, to prevent PREMIUM DRIVERS at the earliest by e-mail or by SMS, in order to ensure the Service.
If the Customer can not be found and can not be reached, the PREMIUM DRIVERS vehicle reserves the right to leave after 30 minutes after the actual landing of the plane and 15 minutes after the arrival of the train in the station without this entitling to a refund.
In case of delay of the plane or the train, PREMIUM DRIVERS will be informed via its permanent links and will make its best efforts to assure the Transport service.
An additional cost will be billed to the Customer in case:
- wait more than 30 minutes at the airport,
- wait more than 15 minutes at the station,
- return to another vehicle, if possible.


Article 10 – Transport conditions


PREMIUM DRIVERS vehicles are "non-smoking".
It is forbidden to eat in vehicles.
All passengers, front and rear, must fasten their individual seatbelts.
In the event of damage to the vehicle, for example during the unintentional opening of the doors, the damage caused will be borne by the Customer.
If the driver realizes that the Customer is committing an offense, it is strictly instructed to immediately stop the current Service. This judgment will in no case give the right to reimbursement of the Service.
PREMIUM DRIVERS reserves the right to interrupt the current Service if the behavior of the Clients endangers the safety and dignity of the driver.


Article 11 – Modification / Cancellation


For any modification or cancellation of the booking request, an e-mail or sms of confirmation is sent to the Customer, if this is possible.


11.1 Modification at the request of the Customer


The modification of a reservation at the request of the Customer must be made by email, no later than 48 hours before departure to the address: or by SMS at 06 14 86 36 48.
The Customer is responsible for all the information provided when modifying the reservation.
PREMIUM DRIVERS can not be held responsible for non-performance of the Service if the Customer has not duly informed PREMIUM DRIVERS of the change.
Any modification of a reservation at the request of the Customer, whatever the reason, generates a management fee of a minimum of € 15.


11.2 Modification at the request of PREMIUM DRIVERS


The modification of a reservation at the request of PREMIUM DRIVERS will be communicated at the latest to the Customer the day before departure. The modification of a reservation at the request of PREMIUM DRIVERS does not generate any additional costs for the Customer and does not give right to any compensation, except explicit agreement of the direction.


11.3 Modification following tour operator information


During a modification of his trip by the tour operator, the Customer is required to inform PREMIUM DRIVERS by e-mail to the address : or by SMS at 06 14 86 36 48.
If this modification results in a modification of the reservation of the Service, the Customer must communicate the changes to PREMIUM DRIVERS no later than the day before departure and will be responsible for all the information provided on this occasion.
PREMIUM DRIVERS can not be held responsible for non-performance of the Service if the Customer has not duly informed PREMIUM DRIVERS of the modification of his trip.


11.4 Cancellation at the request of the Customer, whatever the reason


The cancellation of a reservation by the Customer must be made at the earliest and before the realization of the Service by e-mail to the address: by SMS at 06 14 86 36 48.
Except underwriting of the cancellation guarantee, the Client will be charged 100% of the total amount of the Service.


Article 12 – complaints


Any complaint concerning the Service shall take the form of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent at the latest within 15 days following the completion of the Service, to the following address:
PREMIUM DRIVERS, Youssef MOUSTAKIL, 141 avenue Jean Jaurès, 92140 Clamart


Article 13 – Intellectual property


All intellectual property rights relating to the structure and content (data, text, information, graphics, logos, images or other content) of the website, is the exclusive property of PREMIUM DRIVERS, at except for brands and logos of PREMIUM DRIVERS partners.
Any reproduction, representation, use or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of all or part of the elements of the site without the express written consent of PREMIUM DRIVERS is prohibited because it would constitute an act of counterfeit sanctioned by the Code of Intellectual property.


Article 14 – Computing and Freedom


The Customer acknowledges that personal information identifying him was provided by him to PREMIUM DRIVERS and have been subject to computer processing, in order to make his reservation.
The Customer authorizes PREMIUM DRIVERS to collect and record such information in its computer system, in particular the information relating to the transport services ordered and performed, which are necessary for the processing of orders.
This information is subject to the regulations in force in particular concerning CNIL prescriptions. In accordance with the French law "Informatique & Libertés" n ° 78-17 of 06/01/1979, the Customer has at any time a right to access and rectify data concerning him. The Customer can exercise this right with our services by simple mail to the address: Premium Drivers, 141 avenue Jean Jaures, 92140 Clamart by e-mail:


Article 15 – Applicable law / Jurisdiction


These conditions of sale are subject to French law. Subject to all legal provisions, any dispute that may arise concerning both the validity of this contract, its interpretation, its execution, its termination, its consequences and its consequences will, by express agreement and failing amicable agreement, subject to the jurisdiction exclusive of the Commercial Court of Nanterre.