Premium Drivers


YOUSSEF MOUSTAKIL, 43 ans, Maried, 2 kids.

Since Mantes la Jolie in Yvelines Clamart in the upper Seine, I have worked in various trades, related in large part to my current business but not only ...
I am quite discreet even invisible sometimes.
In addition to my salaried activity, I started by thinking about what I wanted to do with this company in the era of autonomous vehicles, self-driving vehicles, applications ...

What is expected of a driver? It may be Claire, Issam, Fréderic, Olga or myself.

A driver is sometimes the first representative of the company to welcome employees, customers, managers ...
A driver is a knowledge to be and a know-how ...
I developed a high-end service, tailor-made with bilingual drivers, I pay great attention to listening to my customers.

This listening led me to develop a conciergerie to respond to all requests, whether ad hoc or regular.


Created in 2013 after 15 years of experience as a chauffeur of high discount, our company of prestige vehicles with high-end chauffeur offers a wide range of prestige services, both nationally and internationally.

Our clientele consists of event and communication companies as well as staffs of tertiary and industrial companies or individuals.

Premium Drivers is registered with the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea under the number "EVTC 092166188".

We provide you with a large fleet of vehicles adapted to your needs, insured by a contract of carriage of passengers for a fee.

Our drivers

In addition to our salaried drivers, we also rely on a network of independent chauffeurs handpicked and constantly monitored. They exercise their profession with the same rigor, throughout the national territory for transfers to various benefits.

The various services

Du transport privé haut de gamme aux événements de prestige, notre service de conciergerie de luxe sur PARIS et en France est pour vous.

We will respond very soon to people with reduced mobility.